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In this digital age, why is it becoming profitable to invest in Holiday Homes?

Updated: May 21, 2021

People primarily buy real estate to live, earn or for fulfilling their dreams. Hills are places where all this is possible. Let’s assume that you are thinking of investing in real estate for returns. What are your options? You can either buy residential apartments, commercial sites or office spaces in bigger cities. What are the expected returns generally in these? In most cases, the returns generally are between 2% to 6% per annum and if you are lucky, you might get 7% to 8%.

Now, today’s world is getting techie and with technology, some of the newer options are presenting better returns for a lot of people. One such case came to our knowledge. Our known friends from Delhi bought a small piece of land in a slightly lesser-known place of Uttarakhand. Their primary objective was to buy land and make a dream cottage and they fulfilled this objective by constructing a nice 2 bedroom cute cottage in the hills. They furnished it with all the basics like kitchen equipment, furniture and utensils, etc. After staying there several times, they came to know about They researched and put their cottage for listing at this site. For regular maintenance, they hired a local caretaker family who maintains and manages their cottage in their absence. Their cottage now generates 15% to 18% returns on their invested capital from rentals obtained by leasing their property to holidayers who are looking for off-beat and quiet destinations to stay. Moreover, if they want to sell their small cute holiday cottage, they are getting a much better price than what they spent. Not to mention that you enjoy your stay and holidays in the same property yourself after getting all these returns.

These options were not available till about 3-4 years ago. Now, all this is possible due to better roads, adventure-seeking people driving to further places in India and businesses like Airbnb and others who connect these people with properties.


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