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Services Offered

The company provides extensive services in the Sale, Purchase or Leasing of Lands, Resorts, Holiday Villas and other real estate asset classes in the entire state of Uttarakhand. We are well versed with the real estate dynamics that are unique to this state and offer client representation services in the state. So, whether you are looking to buy sell or lease a piece of land, resort, holiday property in the state of Uttarakhand, do give us a chance to serve you. If nothing else, we will at least educate you about the state, its real estate market and its laws.


Land – We have various land parcels in our portfolio that are available for sale as well as on a Joint Development basis. These lands are suitable for building resorts and holiday properties. Other than this, we can also suggest places where buying and holding lands can also be a profitable activity. Also, Uttarakhand as a state offers many breath-taking sites which are perfect for the development of holiday homes and villas and the beauty of these lands is that even an outsider who is not from the state of Uttarakhand can purchase these to make his dream holiday home.

Resorts – We also deal in buying, selling and leasing Resorts in various parts of Uttarakhand. These resorts come with various features and range from Rs. 2 Cr to Rs. 100 Cr. In valuations. We also work with investors in identification, preparing feasibility reports and buying the resorts as per their investment mandate.

Holiday Homes & Villas – There are a few holiday homes and villas also available with us which can perfectly suit the needs and fulfill the desires of owning a holiday villa for people out of the state of Uttarakhand. These villas can typically range between Rs 30 lakhs to 2 crores in valuation based on size, location, design and quality of construction.







With hills, there are unique elements in the area of design and construction, which when not followed, either result in an inferior design or higher expenditure in the construction of real assets. We work with exceptionally talented designers, contractors and other vendors who are well versed with these challenges to provide you with services related to Architectural and Interior Design and its execution in the state of Uttarakhand.



A well-thought-out project in hills not only results in cheaper costs but also improves your return on investment, peace & tranquillity that you are looking for from a real estate development in hills.

This often begins with understanding what you want to achieve. We have professionals who are trained in the areas of real estate investment analysis and have extensive education & experience in consulting and development of various projects across the country. They bring along with them the expertise to analyse your requirements and then propose you the best outcomes based on your requirements by studying the land location, the local land & other laws, expected cash flow statements, taxation, vendors, contracts, design & construction and its costing thereby managing your entire project and focusing on achieving the objective.

This service is based on the client’s requirement and starts from a quick 30-minute meeting to months of involvement as needed by the client.



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