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Can I buy land and make a holiday villa in the state of Uttarakhand?

Uttarakhand, a pristine state with breath-taking views is a heaven for tourists, especially people who love solitude, hills and scenic beauty. Despite significant population growth, this state has been able to maintain its beauty due to one of its relatively lesser-known laws related to the purchase of land. As per this law, the state of Uttarakhand prohibits outsiders from purchasing and developing agricultural lands for business activities. Yet there is a catch. The same state allows people from other states to purchase 1.25 Nali (a local unit of land equivalent to 240 sq. yards) land for the construction of a house/holiday home.

Hence, if you are not from the state of Uttarakhand, you too can purchase land in your name up to the area of 1.25 nali and if you want, you can join hands with your spouse or parents and collect bigger size land for making your dream holiday property.

For more details on pricing and availability of lands, feel free to contact our helpline number and we shall connect you with someone with extensive knowledge about the areas you are looking to make your dream home in.


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